Our Customers Success Stories


Sure, we like selling 1,000-piece pen or mug orders with a simple 1 color logo, but the real fun for us is helping our customers come up with unique and creative solutions to meet their goals.  Below are some unique success stories to show the reach and depth we have with our expertise and products.  


Success Story #1

Customer Classification:  Bank

Product used: Custom coffee wrap

Programs goal: Announce a new coffee program

Details:  The bank wanted to announce their new customer appreciation coffee program by offering free coffee in the bank’s lobbies.  They wanted the coffee dispensers (pump pots) to stand out so customers would notice the new service.  A colorful custom wrap was developed to go around the pump pot.  This wrap is waterproof, removable, printed in full color and can handle high temperatures.  Custom coffee wraps can be expensive from coffee vendors at lower quantities so Imprintable Memories came up with a window sticker material that provided all the same qualities a coffee wrap offers, at a fraction of the cost. 

Program results: To date the program is successful and the wraps are providing an attention getting presence.


Success Story #2

Customer Classification:  Police Department

Product used: Stuffed Teddy Bear with imprinted hang tag

Programs goal: Provide a reassuring experience for a child

Details:  The police department at times had to work with families that were under distress.  Kids many times were caught in the middle of these episodes.  To help the kids get through the experience the department would offer a stuffed teddy bear that the child could hold and hug for assurance.  Also, during school visits and community events the officers would hand out the teddy bears to the kids as a goodwill gesture. 

Program results: This giveaway has been well received by the community as it helps kids feel more comfortable during a difficult time and helps them feel more connected with first line responders.



Success Story #3

Customer Classification:  Church

Product used: Custom pewter ornament

Programs goal: Celebrate their 150 anniversary and fundraiser drive

Details:  This church wanted to both commemorate their anniversary and promote their fundraising drive.  Imprintable Memories developed a custom ornament featuring their old and current churches along with a date stamp.  The ornament was sold prior to events with the proceeds going to help fund their future growth.  A high-end ceramic mug was also used as a think you gift and sold alongside the ornament.

Program Results: The ornament was a huge hit, so the church placed a repeat order to keep up with demand.  The mugs also produced positive results for the fundraiser, especially because it was a lower price point than the ornaments and provided multiple sales to families.

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